Within Walls Game + Hoodie Bundle + Infiltration expansion

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Within Walls Game + Hoodie Bundle


Within Walls is a “Paranoia driven hidden traitor game with social deduction elements set in the early 20th century horror setting.

The gameplay is heavily focused on player interaction and as such is recommended for players aged 16 or more.

The rules are designed merely as a catalyst for player interaction and serve the purpose to define available options.


  • A special 2 player mode that maintains hidden traitor and social deduction elements
  • A communication experience where all information is free to be shared by word of mouth (without revealing your cards)
  • A fun and simple spying system to discover other players secrets and possible motivations
  • An intuitive yet complex insanity mechanic
  • Numerous options of proceeding through the story with different endings
  • A fast and simple player character creation method 
  • Gameplay time (from) 45 – 75 minutes

Currently not released, stay tuned!

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Within Walls Game + Hoodie Bundle + Infiltration expansion

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